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Please read the terms and conditions below, prior to placing your Christmas order.

General Product Terms


  • We regularly update our product catalogue so that it reflects current stock availability.

  • If an advertised product is unavailable, we will refund the cost to your original payment method.

  • We do not substitute unavailable products unless it is by request.

  • Our website contains images to provide an indication of product appearance. Meat is a natural product. Please note that the appearance of your product may differ slightly to that which is displayed on our website.


Product Weight Guarantees


  • All weight requests are approximate, and whilst we do our best to meet your desired weight, your product may be slightly over or under depending on several factors.

  • We do not provide refunds to products that may be slightly under weight, but we do guarantee that your product will be no more than 100g under your desired weight.


Delivery Fees


  • Standard delivery to addresses within the Sydney Metro area attract a delivery fee of $15.

  • We do not offer free delivery on orders during the Christmas period.

  • If you are outside of our delivery radius, please contact us via so that we can see if we can arrange delivery at a slightly higher cost for you.


Delivery of Orders


  • All orders are delivered in insulated bags with icepacks, so that your products arrive below 5°C.

  • Our delivery drivers will knock / ring your doorbell. If you do not answer your door, our driver will leave your order in a safe place.

  • Your order can safely sit on your doorstep for an hour or two if you are not home, but we do not recommend leaving it out for longer than this.

  • Once delivered, it is your responsibility to care for your products safely by unpacking and refrigerating them immediately.


Christmas Delivery Dates and Times


  • Our online ordering platform requires customers to input their desired delivery time at checkout. Please select any time – this will not be indicative of when your order will arrive.

  • Rest assured that your order will arrive on your selected day, but as Christmas is an incredibly busy time for our butchers and delivery team, we cannot meet your specific time frame request.

  • Our delivery schedule is determined by the number of deliveries we have, number of delivery drivers working, and the location of each delivery.

  • All delivery orders will be delivered on your chosen date between 10am and 3pm. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a smaller time frame for delivery during this period. This is a flaw in our online ordering system, and we appreciate your understanding as we work with our provider to resolve this.

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