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David describes his fellow butchers as more than just staff members! The team works together for long periods of time and they have nothing but admiration when it comes to looking after the clientele.
All of T&R's butchers are highly trained and extremely knowledgable on cooking methods for various cuts of meat, or on how to create an amazing meal with amazing accompaniments. Don't hesitate to ask them any question, they are there to help!



Proud Owner of T&R for Over 30 Years

David was born in the Blue Mountain's Katoomba and grew up in Lawson. His father was the local butcher, milkman and golf club manager, which kept him very busy! 

Spending the majority of his life in butcheries, David was brought up in a hard-working environment, ultimately setting the foundation of his future career. 

Unfortunately, his father passed away early, however David says that this only made him more determined to make him proud. Taking over the family line of business, he eventually found himself in Double Bay, and when given the opportunity to buy a great shop in a fantastic location, David couldn't say no. 

In an area that demands great quality service and reliability, David has constantly strived for excellence.

30 years later his dream still lives on.

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