Kulnura Village Premium Eggs

Kulnura Village Premium Eggs


Kulnura Village Premium Pasture-Raised Eggs


We love supporting other businesses, so we embrace any opportunity to provide our customers with a Paddock-to-Plate experience.

These eggs come from the Kulnura Village Farm, a 50-hectare property located in Kulnura on the Central Coast highlands (near Peats Ridge).

We love these eggs because:

  • They are pasture-fed a highly nutritious diet of greens, seeds and insects

  • They are naturally raised and hormone free

  • There are 750 hens per hectare (9250 less than free range!)

  • The eggs themselves contain twice as much Omega-3 and 30% less cholesterol

  • AND, if you aren't already convinced, they contain 70% more Vitamin A and three times more Vitamin E!


For more information, check out their website: https://kulnuravillage.com.au/

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